What is Waste Diversion?

Waste Diversion – put simply, we want to keep your stuff out of the landfill when at all possible. Learn more...

What Waste Diversion does for you!

The Waste Diversion Team is dedicated to making life in Dallas even better. Learn more...

See the change...Be the change!

The Waste Diversion team has several volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in helping spread the word about waste diversion and enjoy working in your community please read more...

Additional Resources

City of Dallas
Green Dallas
City of Dallas Environmental Education Initiative (EEI)
Green Restaurant Association

Upcoming Events

Do you have BOPA sitting in your garage or closet? On February 14th, you can dispose of Batteries, Oil (motor oil), Paint (latex) and Antifreeze at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center on 17360 Coit Road between 8am and 11am. For more info, click here . . .

Did You Know...

recycling plastic bags

Plastic bags often have a recycling symbol but they are not currently recyclable in Dallas’ residential recycling program and should not be placed in your recycling roll cart or any of the Community Recycling Containers. Fortunately, many retailers have recycling bins in stores to collect plastic bags. For a list of retailers in your neighborhood that accept plastic bags for recycling, Click Here.

Let Your Recyclables Breathe!
Recycling in Dallas just became easier . . . you no longer need a bag! All recyclable material should be placed in the roll cart without being bagged.

recycling plastic bags

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